4. Rook Level


Upon completion, students should:

•    Possess an expanded opening repertoire, to include d4 for white and the defense against it for black.
•    Be able to plan by evaluating positions and candidate moves.
•    Be able to take the initiative.
•    Have an understanding of the different types of centre – closed centre, opened centre, mobile centre, static centre, dynamic centre.
•    Recognize positional and material advantages, and use these advantages in space and time.
•    Calculate short variations.

Groups Schedule Age Group Description
HPP Rook/Queen


4:30pm - 6:30pm

All ages

High Performance Program 

Fall Program (Sep - Dec), 0 classes, Fees $ 0.00 

Sep 7, Sep 14

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Average group rating: CFC 0, CMA 0 (Top 5 players) 

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