Lesson #



Lesson #1

How the Pieces Move and Capture

Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King; Value of the pieces; Chess notation

Lesson #2

Basic Checkmates

Check, Checkmate; Checkmate with Major pieces, Queen, Rook; Checkmate in 1 move exercises

Lesson #3

Draw, Castling

Draw & Castling rules; Draw combinations: Perpetual check, Stalemate

Lesson #4

Basic tactics (part 1)

Knight Fork, Pawn Fork, Back Rank Checkmate, Pin; Targeting the King exercises; Checkmate in 1 move exercises

Lesson #5

How to Start the Game (part 1)

Basic opening principles

Lesson #6

Basic Tactics (part 2)

Double attack, Skewer, Discovered attack, Smothered mate; Find the best defense exercises

Lesson #7

How to Start the Game (part 2)

Basic opening repertoire

Lesson #8

Endgame in Chess (part 1)

Basic pawn endgames

Lesson #9

Basic Tactics (part 3)

Equivalent exchange and sacrifice, Identifying opponent's threats, Identifying basic mating motifs, Escape attack exercises, Checkmate in 2 moves exercises

Lesson #10

Winning a Chess Game

Converting material advantage into a win, Simplification

Lesson #11

Endgame in Chess (part 2)

Basic theoretical endgames

Lesson #12

Running a Chess Tournament

Introduction to Round Robin and Swiss tournament rules