Course Description

The Vancouver Chess School is pleased to announce a new course, taking place at Columbia College qualifying its students to become chess instructors. A thirty-six hour course taught over 12 weeks, graduates of this course will: 

·      - Have real experience teaching a chess class

·      - Know how to run a chess tournament

·      - Be certified to teach Pawn Level courses

·      - Have potential to sign a contract with VCS

 Open to all students, including those with limited to no knowledge of chess, this course includes 36 hours of in-class instruction, two 2hr tournaments, and two 1.5 hr teaching trials as an understudy to the coach*. The Vancouver Chess School also provides extensive online resources including intensive practical training, problem-solving, game analysis, online homework, online interim tests and final certificates.

While there is no rating requirement to begin or complete this course, those candidates with higher ratings will have higher priority to sign a contract with VCS. It is recommended students work to improve their rating throughout the term as this will improve their employment opportunities.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will have a significant foundational skill set to market themselves as chess coaches, and will also have the opportunity to sign a contract with VCS**.

       If your chess experience is significantly higher than a rating of 1000 but you are interested in developing the skills needed to be a chess coach, please send an application as well and we will contact you about course availability.

 Thank you for your interest – we look forward to hearing from you!

 *This rating and understudy time is additional to the 36hrs of teaching. It is a mandatory requirement of the course.

 **Contract not guaranteed; dependent on student effectiveness as a coach and on VCS coaching staff demands at the time.